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Friday, June 24, 2011

Summary of Tele-Coaching on Mary Magdalene, Evangelist Merie "Cookie" Hunter

Summary of Tele-Coaching on Mary Magdalene, Evangelist Merie "Cookie" Hunter

The recording link:  Mary Magdalene Tele-Coaching

Such a blessing!  Short and sweet!

There was not volumes written in the Bible on this follower of Jesus Christ, but what was written speaks to us women of today!

Luke 7:37-38 Tells of her pouring of perfume on Jesus.  Such a grandeur outpouring of worship on the King of kings and Lord of Lords!  She loved much because her many sins were forgiven.

Luke 8:1-3 This scripture mentions that 7 demons were cast out of her.  In verse three, it mentions she and the other women mentioned supported Jesus and the disciples.  These women followed Jesus as He preached.

John 19:25 She followed all the way to the cross.

John 20:1-13 She was at the tomb for one reason, but soon learned of Jesus resurrection.  He gave her the message to tell the disciples.

From Evangelist Cookie's Teaching:

1.  She was an evangelist.  She was a beloved disciple sent with a message.  She could also be considered an apostle.

2.  Women were major followers of Jesus.  They gave financial support.  It was learned that 
Mary Magdalene could have had a rich uncle in the city.  They were indeed providing financial backing.  It takes money to support ministry and keep it going.

3.  She was the first at the scene of the resurrection.


Seek opportunities to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ
Move forward and strengthen ourselves.
Examples of evangelism:  
   Street corner evangelism
   Corporate Evangelism
   Practice inward ministry to the Church wherever you practice your faith.
   Keep spreading the love of Christ in a loving way.

   Finally:  Step out! 

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