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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summary of Tele-Coaching on Lydia and Conference Recording!

Here is the link to the recording!  Tele-Coaching on Lydia

Summary on Lydia:

Scripture:  Acts 16:12

Facts about Lydia:

1.  Lived in Philippi, a Roman Colony, leading city in Macedonia District
2.  Dealer of Purple:  Businesswoman, had some wealth.
3.  She was from Thyatira (Asian Providence)
4.  Worshiper of God
5.  The Lord opened her heart.
6.   Persuasive - (Members of her household was baptized.)
7.   Hospitable - (Invited Paul and others to stay in her home.)

Key Lessons:

Worshiper of God:  This lesson is very evident in each of the women studied and in Lydia.  We must worship God in spirit and in truth!  He is to have first place in our lives.  No worry but Worship God!

Her faith was a result of God's work in her life.  God has led us to repentence.  It was His goodness.

Persuasive:  She had integrity and trust of her household members.  It was obvious because they too were baptized.  We need to excercise Godly influence to our family.  Our family is the first place of ministry.  Amen.

Hospitality:  NIV Bible Definition:  Welcoming people into one's home; sharing one's home and food with others.

Scriptures on Hospitality:  Romans 12:13 [14-21]
                                       1 Peter 4:9-10

Hospitality is a characteristic that speaks of God's goodness.  We are being examples when we give and share.  We are to share with the household of faith not just material gifts but the gifts of the Holy Spirit!  Also, we are even to share with our enemies perhaps winning them to Christ Jesus!

Be Blessed!

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  1. Good points. "Our family is the first place of ministry" stood out most to me.