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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summary of Prophetess Anna and Recording Link

Summary of Prophetess Anna  (Here is the recording link: Prophetess Anna Recording!)

Facts on Her life:

  1. Prophetess: "A person who receives messages from God to tell His people." (Dictionary from NIV Bible)  He or she is called by God to speak for Him.
  2. From the Tribe of Asher -  Asher means happy.  This was one of the tribes of the Northern Kingdom that was apostate (away from the living God).
  3. She was very old.  Estimates her age was about 104-105 years old.
  4. She was a widow from a young age.
  5. She never left the temple.
  6. She was worshipper of God.
  7. She fasted and prayed!
  8. She gave a prophecy (revelation from God) about Jesus to Mary and Joseph.  He is and was the Redeemer of Israel and the world.

Lessons from Her life:

  •  Listen

She had to listen to God in order to speak for Him.

  • Joy

She had joy serving God.  The joy of the Lord is our strength.

  • Discipline
She had to have discipline to stay in the temple and never leave.  Also, she practiced prayer and fasting.

  • Worshipper

She worshipped God in spirit and in truth.

  • Faithful to the Call

She remained faithful and seen the fulfillment of prophecy.  God gave her revelation about Jesus.

Special Revelation:

God is not a respecter of age.  He chose Moses @ 80 to lead Israel and Joshua @ the same age.  We see that God used Anna in her old age as well.  She seen the Redeemer, and God's promise fulfilled.

Also, He chooses the young.  He called Jeremiah from a youth.  Jesus, Son of God, began His ministry @ 30.

God is looking for willing vessels!

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