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Friday, May 6, 2011

Rahab Tele-class Summary

Praise God Women of God,

I am so excited about God's workings in our lives!  He is routing a great work that cannot be derailed or put down!  Amen!

The following is a summary of the Rahab Tele-class:

Rahab was a prostitute; however she heard of the greatness of God to respond with faith.  Her faith caused her to protect and hide the spies.  She also made a covenant with them to save her and her family.  Her act of kindness delivered her, and she became great herself.  Her name is written in Hebrews 11, the Hall of Faith.  She is in the lineage of King David and Jesus, Our Lord!

God said in the message that someone's past does not limit them when it comes to faith.  It only takes one moment to get in faith.  Rahab did and so can you!  Whatever the mistakes were, God is able to redeem them.  He can and will turnaround the past for your good.  Where there were men mistakes, God can give you a husband.  He did for Rahab!  Where are health mistakes, He can heal!  Praise His Name!  Where there were abortions, He can give children whether spiritual or physical!  Where there were financial/job mistakes, He can turn it around to where there is abundance!  It only takes an act of faith!  God is not limited by our past!  Others such as family, friends, enemies, etc. may have written you off!  God has not!

God does not care for self-righteousness.  Church attendance and other religious behavior cannot save anyone.  Those things do not make us better than a prostitute, drug dealer, drug user, etc.  God is no respector of persons when it comes to responding in faith to Him.  He is calling the lowly and/or despised in society into the Kingdom of God! 

Women of Harvest the harvest is plentiful!  We must tell someone about salvation in Jesus Christ!

You can find the recording below:
Women of Harvest Tele-Class - Rahab w/Minister Catisha Asbury Recording


Minister Catisha

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