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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The 5 P's (Purpose, Promise, Problem, Process, and Perfection)

The following is a recap of today's teaching on Sarah:

The teaching on Sarah was based on the 5 P's (Purpose, Promise, Problem, Process, and Perfection).    We must seek God for our purpose.  He gives the promise.  It usually takes a miracle to birth the promise, so God gets all the glory.  God's promise must come to pass.  God has a well orchestrated plan for our life.  There is usually a waiting period for the promise to come to pass.  This is the testing of our faith.  It is a temptation to take matters into our own hands during the wait.  God will do what He said!  He fulfills the promise.  Great Annointing is gotten with a great price.

A prophetic word came forth:  "Many are pregnant with destiny.  You shall give birth!"
Find out about what else God said in the teaching on Sarah through Prophetess Arleen Dorn.  The link to the recording is below:

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