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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Summary and Recording for Jezebel, Part 3

Summary on Jezebel Biblical Coaching, Part 3:  Coaching Recording

Revelation 2:18-25

This spirit can operate through a woman or man.

  • Forsake characteristics of Jezebel
  • Forsake Idol Worship

War against Jezebel with Prayer – Much prayer
Worship Praise and God

  • Forsake lies, ill spoken words against God’s people.
Let truth be in our mouths.

The spirit led God’s servants into sexually immorality and food sacrificed idols.
This is could mean

Two examples of churches were tolerating Jezebel.  Relationships between woman and men were living together in sexually immorality.  They were praise and worship leaders.

Revelation:  Discerning of seducing spirits.  Jezebel has a seducing spirit.  The praise and worship had a seducing spirit coming from it.  The spirit seemed to be true worship, but it was not.

True prophetic

Sexually immorality in any form if the pastor knows about should be dealt with it.  Paul goes a step that says to expel the immoral brother from the church if he or she does not repent.

God cries righteousness and holiness.  Forsake immorality.  Sexual sin is against our body.  Sexually immorality is against the body of Christ.  A leadership in sexually immorality will affect the body.  You will find all kinds of chaos.

  • Forsake sexually immorality.
  • Forsake misleading God’s \people in anyway.

2 Kings 9:30 

Forsake being seductive.  Being concerned with our dress.  It is a sexually seductive.  Is our dress in line with God’s word.

**Personal opinion:  Every woman who fixes her hair or makeup does not have the spirit of Jezebel.  Gurard against extremes against makeup or too much makeup.  What is the heart condition?  Being conservative with it.

Jezebel put makeup and fixing her hair.  She was going to be seductive to get others out of the will of God particularly for Jehu.

  • Forsake seduction: 

Women of Harvest do not want to mislead anyone into sin.

Jezebel hates the true prophet.  Male or female in leadership are coming against the truth of God’s word will have a Jezebel spirit.

God does mind that His people are engaged in sexually immorality.

Devil wants to attack praise and worship with the seducing spirit.  Prophecy will false, impartation will be false.

  • Forsake sexual immoralit and food sacrificed.

Embracing Humility, Meekness, Truth of God.

Jezebel will try to send accusations against God’s people.  Sends threatening spirit after true prophets.

Revelation 22:15

Outside are the dogs, those who practice magic arts, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolaters and everyone who loves and practices falsehood.

It is the last hours let us run the race out for us in perseverance. 

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